In November 2006, I started my own website with the aim of sharing resources with like-minded MFL teachers. My colleagues in and out of school offered resources to add to the site, and I created the current version of as it is seen today. With over 220,000 hits in just over 2 and a half years I can truly say that the website has been successful and I am always pleased to receive a thank-you email for the site.

 I have absolutely no clue about webdesigning (I made the first version of the site in FrontPage – a Microsoft program that is not too difficult to use with a little Microsoft common-sense) so the current version online is not technnically astounding by any stretch of the imagination. For the last 6 months I have been working on a new design of the website, using Adobe Dreamweaver C3 and it is taking a long time to re-input all of the resources into the new design as I have to do it ALL by hand. I will not upload the new site until I feel that most of the resources have been transferred over, as I do not want to put anyone in the position of not being able to access resources, however here is a sneak preview of the home page and a resources page. Any suggestions to improve are welcome!

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Languages Resources Index - Windows Internet Explorer 24052009 192208.bmp