Favourite 5 from Twitter this week

Firstly, I should say how blown away by how many people accessed my last post – 23 Ways to use Worlde in the MFL classroom. Thanks everyone! Glad it was so useful. I have been trying out some of my ideas and have Wordled a few chapters of the literature book that my Year 13’s need to recap before they go on study leave and I am going to use it to jog their memories and get them discussing about key words (and therefore themes) of the book. I have also suggested it as a useful tool to my Lower School pupils (Years 7 -9) in preparation for their internal oral exam. Most of them (the visual learners – like me) liked the idea of typing up what they want to say, ‘Wordling’ it, and then deleting a few unnecessary words to use as a prompt for their presentation. The aim is for them to get used to the new specification AQA GCSE where they will have to prepare ‘tasks’ and they can only have 40 words to help them remember everything they want to say. To this end, we have created ‘tasks’ for them that encourage them to talk about, give opinions and expand upon the topics that we have covered this year. As it is a presentation and there is no questioning involved so pupils have approximately 1 minute to deliver their presentation and can only have 20 key words.

Now, onto the five favourite things I have learnt or found out about from Twitter this week:

  1. How to quickly use iTunes to convert a wma file to an mp3 file (import file as mp3 – easy!)
  2. I was recommended Zamzar and YouConverIt to originally convert the files, but I have to admit, I encountered problems.
  3. There will be another MFL Flashmeeting on Monday 6th July. Click here to join the wiki. Can’t wait to see everyone this time!
  4. There is so much scope for Twitter in the education. Try following foreign newspapers’ tweets  – for a list of some to start with check out Joe Dale’s blog post on Twitter for Language and Culture
  5. Second Life – I now have a grand total of TWO friends in SL and there is talk of a guided tour sometime soon for those of us who are interested. This is something I will look into over the summer I think.

I should also add that the number of people that I am following (and the number that follow me) is increasing gradually. I add people that interest me (when I have the time) by trawling through other contacts’ lists and picking those that I think would be good to follow. I am greatly enjoying the fact that everyday I can learn new things, and come across new people who can teach me so much! Thank you to you all.