TeachMeet NorthWest

This Friday (2nd October)  dozens of us are going to meet at the BBC’s 21st Century Classroom in Salford for TeachMeet NW. I am looking forward to, not only meeting so many colleagues face to face for the first time, but also to doing my first ever presentation. TeachMeets only have 2 types of presentations: 7 minutes or 2 minutes. I have opted for the 2 minute nano presentation and, if I am picked, I will talk briefly about using Wordle in the classroom, as this has been such a popular post on this blog. If you are unable to attend in person, you can watch it via the Flashmeeting or check back sometime next week, when I will have had time to gather my thoughts and blog about the experience.

For now, here is the presentation that I will be doing:

Additionally, it is worth reminding that this Monday (28th September) is the MFL Flashmeeting, which currently has the following agenda:

1. Cunning tips: how do you save time in blogging/podcasting/resource creating and so on, to keep work/life balance & prevent divorce/forgetting names of children, etc.?
2. What did YOU do for European Day of Languages and how did it go?
3. Is there a place for audio feedback instead of written feedback for pupils’ work delivered via email or through a VLE?
4. How can blogging help raise intercultural understanding for pupils?
5. Is the specific teaching of phonics important and what difference does it make to pupils’ understanding?
6. What’s your favourite Web 2.0 tool at the moment and why?
7. How do you use your VLE and what sort of resources do you have on it?

See you there!

TeachMeet NW

I am pleased to say that I have put my name down on the wiki for TeachMeet NW on this page here on Friday 9th October 2009. I must admit, I have been getting more and more curious as to what goes on at the TeachMeet sessions, and was gutted when all of the ones that seemed to be going on were everywhere else. Sign up on the wiki and register for the event with the link at the bottom of the wiki page too. I look forward to blogging about this more in the future, but for now, HAPPY HALF TERM! Enjoy the rest everyone.