Starting the year with your Google Classroom

As we face the start of the 2020 academic year, our Classrooms from last year will shortly be archived (which I recommend you do – nothing is lost, the previous resources are still accessible to import into another class, your markbooks are still there, its just not sitting clogging up your home page), and we will start with our new Classrooms. Hopefully your school will be able to pull in your students and classes

Before we start I would recommend the following actions when setting up your classrooms:

-use a name format that makes each class recognisable (eg the SIMS class name)

-use colours to help you to differentiate different classrooms (or even make a header to upload – have a look at this advice on how to do it)

-organise your page in a logical order for you by grouping them. I go for simple chronological Year 7-13 on my homepage

-disable notifications in the Stream (access a class, click the cog, scroll down to Classwork on the Stream and select Hide notifications): this stops assignments appearing on the Stream, and only has them in the Classwork tab and frees up the Stream for important announcements.

-when you add material or assignments to your classroom’s Classwork page, use Topics to help you to categorise tasks. When we were working remotely, I could divide into topics or previous work/current work. I will probably do the same this year.

-number your materials before you write the name eg 00 introduction lesson, 01 personal information 02 saying your age etc… as it keeps your drive tidy and it is easier to stay organised

Have you got any other tips to share for your first week back and using Google Classroom?


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