Google Classroom-MFL teaching during the Coronavirus lockdown

So, like many teachers up and down the country (world?!), I am having to focus on online setting and marking of work. In my school we use Google Classroom.

I have long been a user of Google Classroom and a few years ago did my training to get up to Level 2. I would consider myself a fairly competent Classroom user but having moved schools recently and battled with many other issues in my previous school, my use of Google Classroom was simple, and often a repetition of what was already in our schools chosen homework platform: Classcharts.

Now we have moved over to setting and checking work remotely I have dived head first into getting back in touch with my tech/geek self and have really enjoyed remembering all the different things I can do.

At first, all I did was post a Google Doc that kids could write in (but that was very boring to mark/check), then I turned a few lessons into Forms, that were self marking (they worked very well), but now I’m getting back into using HyperDocs to organise the flow of learning better and make it look nice at the same time.

I know that many of my colleagues are learning the ropes or are developing their GC knowledge at the moment, so I have created a Facebook group to share ideas. If it interests you, please join!

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