It’s been a while

Timehop today reminded me that I started to write this blog 12 years ago yet unfortunately I haven’t blogged for a long time. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • lack of time – my authoring work in the last year or two has just been crazy. And then when it finally calms down A Level marking starts or family life needs me.
  • lack of ideas – I feel that have not been very creative in the last couple of years. I think that the role I was in previously stifled me and as so much needed to be ‘sorted out’ it left very little time for creativity. Things were quite prescriptive in that role, so I didn’t/couldn’t spread my wings very much at all, but I’ve moved on now and I’m slowly getting my mojo back
  • Blogging isn’t at the forefront of my mind any more. I’m not sure if it’s a time thing as I am a full time working mum, or whether the people who started blogging around the same time as me feel the same, but the blogosphere is just saturated these days. And if I’ve got nothing interesting to write, why would I want to add to the chatter?

I’m grateful for the opportunities that this blog and my website have afforded me. My authoring work makes me very proud and I have also been able to get involved with delivering national CPD, inevitably because of people googling me and the things I have done such as flipped learning.

My new role takes me to a new school, with a different ethos. I love the fact that we offer not only Spanish and French, but also German, Latin and Classics and I’m Head of our Faculty. As with any new job, there’s lots to do and lots to learn plus colleagues and kids to get to know, but I am excited again and enjoying this challenge. I have already been involved in teaching and learning whole school activities (discussing the book Teaching Backwards) and I have been working on developing the use of technology within the faculty. In addition, recently I have begun to use qwiqr to help me with my marking which has been game changing as it’s so much faster to give valuable feedback. I hope to be back blogging more as my creative juices flow again, but if I’m quiet, know that I’m still here, working hard, as always.

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