Flipped Learning CPD session & Primary ideas

Thank you to those of you who attended the Flipped Learning CPD at my school today, on behalf of the CLC in Blackpool.

Below is a copy of my powerpoint.

It was great to be talking about Flipping with primary educators, as currently I have just been looking at it in my own secondary context. It looks as there there are definitely some legs for flipping in primary school, with tweaks to make the different techniques work for younger students.

Some of the major concerns were over access to the online resources, as YouTube etc might not seem appropriate and how to disseminate information as not all younger students have a school email address. However, this could be overcome by watching the video together in class, and then assessing them straight after watching. Alternatively lots of our primary schools have a blogging platform, so students could access the video on there.

It was decided that the idea of the RAG lesson plan was probably too much for younger learners to take in, but a red group could just receive the red lesson plan and the green just the green lesson plan, and change the language to more KS1/2 friendly language.

I’m hoping that some of the teachers who attended today are going to try flipping and will let me know how they have got on! More to follow soon…


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