Another flipped attempt

Today I had my year 9s do the same flipped lesson that my year 9’s did last year on the past tense, with a few tweaks.

Firstly, I removed the amber pathway as I felt that with grammar students either ‘got it’ or didn’t, and so there was either a green pathway for those that scored 75% or higher in the Google Form test, and the red pathway just had three students who had completed the homework tasks but just not well enough to get 75%+, and the rest were pupils who had not completed the homework at all. This worked quite nicely as those that had completed the task were able to take the lead a little bit more with those who hadn’t done anything and by the end of the lesson I was confident that most of the students really understood how the past tense worked.

The basic structure of the lesson followed SOLO a lot more, and had students work through a series of grammar questions and a domino activity, leading to writing their own sentences without any support. The homelearning task is a formative task (to meet our school’s marking policy) but should really show me that pupils can use the past tense accurately. I will find out when I take their books in next lesson!

Pupils gave me some WWW/EBI feedback and for the most part pupils seemed to enjoy it, which is always nice, but pupils said they would like more variety of activities (so not just grammar questions!).


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