Google Classroom

As my school uses Google email we have been lucky enough to gain access to Google Classroom.

It’s a platform that is currently quite basic but very handy for ensuring that pupils have access to materials that you need them to in a ‘class’ space. If you have a school google account, then just go to and take a tour. You can create a class and either give the code to pupils for them to join, or invite them via email.

So far I’ve used it to share documents, such as homework questions, forms to assess pupils’ knowledge on a flipped learning video, and to post messages.

I have to say, it’s been a bit clunky getting the kids in, but it should become easier once they’ve accessed it for the first time. Additionally, I’d question the benefit of posting something to our classroom, when I could just email the class the same thing-the only advantage is that it is available in one single space, instead of needing to trawl through emails to find a resource.

I hope Google look to improve the platform as it’s still quite simple, especially when you compare it to other platforms such as Edmodo.


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