Whole class response


Today I finally tried out Kahoot, a website where you can set up quizzes, polls and surveys. I made a quick multiple choice starter for my Year 9s on the use of present or preterite in certain sentences.

In the past I have used Socrative to engage pupils and to get a whole class response, but the nice thing about Kahoot is the quick and easy way pupils access your quiz. Once you’ve set up your quiz, all pupils need to do is access kahoot.it and type in the pin that is displayed once you’ve finished making it. Then they all sign in with a user name and once you have all your class in you can begin. I used a multiple choice quiz this time, and pupils needed to do was to click on the shape that corresponded with the correct answer on the board.

I set my quiz questions to last for 30 seconds each, but as soon as all pupils had answered it automatically moved on. After each question Kahoot shows you how many pupils answered which answer and then flashes up the leader board, making it even more of a competition for students to do well.

At the end of the quiz pupils could give feedback on what they thought of the activity and I could download a spreadsheet of results, with individual’s answers, just to double check who really knew what.

I thoroughly recommend it!



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