More flipping

Today I taught my top set Year 9 class after having set them my flipped video on the preterite tense and asking them to complete a Google Form series of questions so I could assess their learning. This has been one of the most valuable elements of flipping the classs room that I picked up at #ililc4 – that and using Flubaroo to mark the answers!

The pupils started the lesson on a red, green or amber table, depending upon whether they had scored above 70% (green), less than 70% (amber) or not done it at all (red). This was very similar to the lesson I blogged about last month, but I tweaked it for the needs of this class. I also considered some of the feedback I got from my Year 10s who did this, and added in some paired speaking tasks. At the end of this lesson I again asked for feedback and most pupils really enjoyed what they did. Any areas for development included having a variety of activities (somehow I need to move out of my comfort zone and do reading and listening things too!), and putting a table copy of the lesson plan out (instead of just displaying it on the board).

I was talking in the classroom today about flipped learning and a lot of teachers, particularly those in Humanities, are quite keen on developing their flipping lessons, so I hope to recruit them into a bit of a research group next year where we can run an action research project on the benefits of flipping the classroom, so watch this space!

If you want to read more about flipping the classroom, then have a look at this:




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