During a mentor meeting today my NQT and I were discussing how we can get a bit of Extended Abstract (SOLO taxonomy) into a straightforward lesson on pets’ descriptions. To get to Extended Abstract I like to get the pupils to create something which shows that they can apply the knowledge that they have learnt, going somewhat beyond the constraints of the practice opportunities in the lesson.

In this case, we decided that the app or website Thinglink would be a good opportunity to show their skills. Thinglink is a relatively new app, where you can upload a picture, click on a certain section and write a message. What I want the Year 7 French students to do, is create their own descriptions of a pet (perhaps including family members as well). To model this activity, I used a picture of my dog Dizzy, and labelled it with her name, colour, eye colour, personality and something she likes (bones, of course!). You could also add other media, instead of text, to the picture, such as a YouTube video, maybe with a relevant song.

You can see my example here, and I will update this post with what happens in lesson soon!

The possibilities are endless-imagine the topic of town, prepositions and the bedroom, or even the good old pencil case!


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