#ililc4 February 2014

This weekend saw lots of MFL teachers gather together in Southampton for the fourth ICT and Languages Conference. The conference was spread over two days, with the opportunity to meet some fantastic teachers, attend various different sessions and there was also an MFL Show & Tell event on the Saturday night.

I was lucky enough to be able to present on both days and at the Show & Tell, and you will find my presentations on Getting Pupils to Speak here, on SOLO and New Technologies here and Silly Songs here.

On the Saturday I attended Amanda Salt‘s session on A Level & New Technology where she talked about apps that support A Level teaching and the independent study resources that she has collated in a variety of places, including wikis, blogs, moodle, delicious etc. Some of my favourite ideas included using infographics to link to a topic (which I am starting to collate on Pinterest). I took notes throughout the session, which are below.

  • Share eg through wiki, moodle, delicious etc Don’t spoon feed, help them to become independent learners
  • El Cazo de Lorenzo – video clip
  • Study skills page – GCSE study skills, tips from teachers, note making
  • Audio wiki
  • Authentik materials wiki spanishgrosvenortopics.wikispaces.com Amy Leonard
  • Pinterest topics – get pupils to find stuff and add it, info gracias in TL
  • Info-mania.org
  • Edmodo-google forms
  • Make dice LITE verbs and pronouns
  • Decide now app Spin the wheel to talk about different topics
  • Conjugation Nation app (paid)
  • Linoit for essay planning and pulling useful news items for a level facts
  • Takeaway homework and they choose what they want to do, and shape their own learning. Helps create independent students!
  • Make a Facebook profile for characters in book for A Level literature
  • Kidblog.org
  • Spokes in a circle with ideas of how to improve or make progress
Later on in the day I attend Dominic McGladdery’s talk on talking tools and have downloaded lots of new apps to my iPad to try out. We had great fun trying out some of them. You might like to look at Audioboo, Fotobabble, Dabbler, Yakit, TalkingTom, VoiceThread, Tellagami and Teleprompter. On the Sunday I also attend Dominic’s session on Differentiation, which gave me lots of ideas on how to look at the four skills in MFL. I am sure he will be blogging his presentations, but here are some of the notes I made from this session:
  • Underline the correct answer
  • Multiple choice
  • Put phrases in the correct order
  • Smiley faces for positive or negative reaction
  • Use videos to add value to listening eg Voki it!
  • Give script


  • Qqt
  • Survey-tick box
  • Cue cards as they have them at ks4&5
  • Scaffolded responses


  • Different texts
  • Or modified
  • Differently presented eg cartoons
  • Different style Qs eg t/f, matching
  • Tarsia, textivate
  • Qs in English
  • Answer with a picture


  • Writing frames
  • Vocab/Grammar lists
  • Swords, wordsearches
  • Rhyming poetry
  • Lego
The other session I attended on the Saturday was all about Flipping the Classroom, by Sadie McLachlan, which was fascinating as she spoke about the processes that her department are employing to effectively flip the classroom at her school, Wildern. Her blog is here, with her presentation and I came away with so many ideas of how to make this technique work,that I can’t wait to try it out.
On Sunday I attended Rachel Smith‘s Flubaroo session, which showed me how to use Google Forms more effectively by running the Flubaroo script so that pupils’ responses are marked for me. This was another great session, which will really help with the idea of flipping the classroom or setting effective speaking homeworks. I am hoping she will blog her presentation soon.
The other session I attended by Tom Hockaday I blogged about whilst I was in the session. Some more really useful ideas to use with my GCSE classes.
On each day there were fantastic key note speakers – Joe Dale and Clare Seccombe – who each had me thinking and reflected both at the start of the weekend and then again at the end. Thank you to you both! Joe’s Flipboard of articles is particularly useful if you want some bed-time reading!
The Show & Tell on the Saturday night was a treat not to be missed – I wish I could remember all of the different things we saw! Off the top of my head, I enjoyed Dom’s Mot de Passe game (which I have already incorporated into my first lesson today!), Hip Hop Phonics by Nina Elliott, and the lovely dittys performed by Simone and John.
There are so many other sessions that I missed, that I am sure other teachers will be blogging about soon, but it goes without saying that my head is full of so many ideas that I need to try out, so as soon as I have managed to get enough sleep, my thinking cap will be going on. Thank you to everyone for making the weekend so memorable, and I hope to see you all again soon!

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