Tips for Controlled Assessment #ililc4

These are some ideas from Mr Hockaday’s session on Sunday at #ililc4

Use wordle or wordsift to create a world cloud of key words that come out.
Make use of the high frequency word feature or thesaurus feature on either website to help them improve their texts to to focus on what they need to remember.

Use text-to-speech websites such as to help model pronunciation. This could then be recorded using audacity, for example. (Click Online TTS). An alternative is

Use the TrapDoor/Encore Une Fois style activity to encourage speaking in the classroom. See my website for examples. A direct link is here. Pupils can play the game with each other and practise pronunciation.

A nifty activity to help with understanding a text is this:
1) show a detailed text in TL and ask pupils to read it
2) ask them to pair up and see how much they understand
3) teacher then reads the sentences out loud one at a time, and pupils draw a small image to represent each sentence
4) compare pictures with a partner
5) show some key words and ask them to label their pictures
6) in pairs see how much of the text they can understand now.
7) teacher can go through the full meaning of the text with pupils filling in a lot of the information

This is useful to help pupils understand a larger text and to go through the understanding of it completely themselves. If you are allowed pictures in CA prep it can help with that too. You can then do further activities on the texts eg. Gap fill, card sort etc.

ActiveLearn by Pearson has some independent study materials for CA preparation. (It does, however, need to be bought for each pupil).



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