The Flipped MFL Classroom

There has been an increasing buzz over the flipped classroom in recent years, and this weekend I have been thinking about it a bit more and how I can apply the idea to my classroom.

The aim of the flipped classroom is to develop pupils’ autonomous learning experience, giving them choice and flexibility over what and how they learn. So, what work would I want pupils to look at, at home, without me?

Ideally I’d want them to be able to have a chance to learn the elements which they find hardest to concentrate on in lessons. For some weaker ability pupils, this could be learning – or at least being exposed to – new vocabulary or new grammar concepts (perhaps for higher ability pupils), however, I wouldn’t want to use the videos as a direct replacement for teacher instruction as I am a firm believer of introducing language in the TL and I enjoy using a variety of techniques to do this, a lot of which require teasing out the language from pupils, and a video would not do this.

Traditionally I want pupils to revise and consolidate the new language learnt in lesson at home, and carry out work that enables them to practice this. But what if I could reduce the time spent on delivering content that they typically find hardest to concentrate on? If I could encourage pupils to come to lesson prepared to engage in the practice, I might find it easier to help them more in the long run.

To start me off I have made some grammar videos, using the Explain Everything app on my iPad and then uploaded to YouTube, that my year 8 and 9 pupils can use over the coming weeks. If they come to lesson prepared then they should be able to engage in the lesson on a much deeper level!

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