Pedagogy & Technology in Teaching

I am currently undertaking some research to support the use of technology being used in the classroom, which has encouraged me to look into what research already exists in this area.

I am looking at using the SOLO taxonomy to support the effective deployment of technology in the classroom and my initial thoughts seem to be that how we use a tool in the classroom will define which level of SOLO we end up working in. In order to ensure that we are using technology with rigour and purpose, considering the nature of the outcome of the task is essential. Just as a teacher would look to the learning objectives to be relational or extended abstract, so must the objective behind using technology.

Two useful models that I have come across with regards to technology in teaching are the TPACK model and the SAMR model.

TPACK shows how content, pedagogy, knowledge and technology are all interlinked equally (which is perhaps not the case-do we use all elements equally?), whereas SAMR looks at how to transform the work pupils are doing as opposed to enhancing their work through the use of technology. Both very interesting concepts. What are your thoughts on these? Are there others that I should know about to enhance my research?


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