Nurture 13/14

Having picked up on twitter a variety of tweets with #nurture1314 I realised that lots of people are blogging about 13 things that went well in 2013 and 14 hopes for 2014. Here’s my two penneth, but I’m not sure I’ll find 13 or 14 things to talk about!


1. I became a Mrs! I know this is personal, but it is definitely e best thing that happened to me in 2013. We had a fabulous wedding day with my closest family and friends around, an amazing honeymoon and now I’m blessed with a fantastic husband.

2. Finally completing my MA. It was tough and very hard going at many points, but the 6 year slog was worth it. Just.

3. Becoming published. This time last year I was frantically writing for Nelson Thornes for the new GCSE Spanish Foundation and Higher textbooks. It was challenging to complete whilst working full time, but a very good experience. This year I have done some work for Pearson as well, which I have also enjoyed and I hope to do more publishing work in the future.

4. Improving GCSE results at school. I joined my department 3 years ago and each year has seen an increase in overall results. This is down to some fantastic colleagues who have really pulled together under my leadership and I feel proud to have been a part of it.

5. Mentoring. Last year I mentored a trainee teacher who has since gone on to work in my department,. I have also just finished with another trainee who is on the schools direct program. I absolutely love to mentor as it reminds me of my own experience of being mentored and I like being able to help and guide. I’ve seen a variety of teachers train in my school,and it is always interesting to see how they flourish and grow.

6. My husband found a job. This was good news for us after him trying to get his business off the ground. The business is still there, but in order for us to move forwards financially he needed to work full time. I am so proud that he is doing something he enjoys.

7. Family. I see my family more regularly than I ever used to as they all live within hlf an hour of me, and this includes my new sister in law, who I really enjoy seeing.

8. Friends. My best friend had a little girl recently, and another is due next year. I can’t wait for our social group to move on to the next stage in our lives.

9. Speaking at various events. In 2013 I have been to various teachmeets and I spoke for the first time. I’m also speaking at ililc4 next year, which will be fantastic. I can’t wait to see everyone again!


1. By the end of 2014 we hope to buy our own home (one that has a garden for our beautiful Dizzy dog).

2. At work I hope to keep improving results, including A Levels.

3. I want to get at least one Outstanding observation this year.

4. I am leading a Research & Design Community at school on SOLO and New Technologies which I am also talking about to the Fellowship Alliance. Hopefully my research will actually show something useful. So far we’ve decided that the best use of technology is with content free tools.

5. Ambition. I am an ambitious person and one day soon I’d like to look at being an Assistant Head, or a position that has responsibility for T&L, CPD and/or ITT.

6. I hope to keep my department on an even keel. This is my third year as HoD at this school and I finally feel as though I have found my feet. All I need to do is keep it that way!


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