For a while I have been wanting to redesign as I know that it could look much more modern. I made the site myself using first Front Page and, then a few years ago, Dreamweaver and now we are moving over to WordPress.

My amazing fiancé is a bit of a dab hand at web design so I am proud to announce a new version of the site (coming soon) made by him and his business partner.

The new design will follow a similar structure to the current version of the site but I will also pull in the German resources from version 1 of the site and I will be able to upload resources and edit the site from anywhere, making it more flexible and up-to-date. This year I have been teaching GCSE French fully so I have lots of new resources to add in there too.

Google Adsense will continue to be on the site, as this pays for the hosting and day-to-day running of the site, and I will continue to develop games as and when I can.

The new version should be ready very soon, so watch this space!


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