AS Spanish speaking exam

It is that time of year again when secondary school teachers’ minds turn to the looming examinations and what we can do to help our pupils get the best possible grades that they can.

My Year 12 Spanish class are quite good at speaking spontaneously (as they proved to me in a recent mock exam), but they struggle to do it in lessons, unless it is 1-1. To help this, and to encourage them to speak to each other, I have created a set of board game questions, which you can find on the TES here. I already have some laminated board games (snakes and ladders), with different coloured squares (so that I can use them in a variety of different classes), so all pupils need is a die and a counter. For this they could use a pen lid, a paperclip, a coin…anything.

They roll the die, land on a coloured square, and in order to move forwards that have to answer the question that corresponds to that colour square. The PowerPoint to go with the game that is on the TES is hyperlinked to take you directly to a set of questions for each sub-topic of the AQA AS Spanish exam. Clearly, these questions are not the only ones they could get in the exam, but they are ones that I have been using throughout the course to encourage revision, and you can find them in my Topic Revision Booklet

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