I have been looking at a variety of different tools to use in the classroom over the last few weeks, with a bit of a focus on using my iPad and the one app that I really want to try more of is Socrative.

All you and the pupils need is a device with internet (so a tablet, a phone, a laptop etc). If you are using a smart phone then there are 2 apps: the student one and the teacher one. If you are using a laptop then go to and sign up as a teacher. Once you have signed up you can create a variety of types of tests such as ones with multiple choice questions or the option to give short written answers. In order for a pupil to access them they just need to open the Socrative student app or go to and they enter the room number that is linked to your quiz.

Pupils can answer the questions at their own pace or you can set it to move on when you decide. The nice thing about this tool is that you can end the test at any time, and the results re collated immediately and available as a report is email, highlighting pupils’ knowledge (or lack of!). It also has an ‘exit ticket’ feature where students can give you a short summary of their learning before leaving the room at the end of the lesson.

A similar questioning tool that you might also like which I found out about today is infuselearning.


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