Lisa Steven’s #ililc3 session

Here are some of the ideas from Lisa’s session today on getting pupils out of the classroom, see wiki as well:

-practise numbers by asking children to have x amount of body parts touching the ground (so 2=2 feet, 3=2 feet and a finger etc)

-abuelito-see BBC video clip: like what’s the time mr wolf but with animals so walking like an ant would be teeny tiny steps

-line up in order of height/age/birthday months without falling off the bench

-charades: mime a sentence to communicate its meaning

-UNICEF games document

-do games outside if possible eg. Running dictation, human sentences, human words ie. use extra large dominoes, use a more complicated text

-use chalk and draw on the floor: hopscotch (linear or spiral)

-bounce a ball on a chalk ‘keypad’ to send a message

-maths hopscotch: hop on the sum as you use it

-use an assault course for prepositions (can do blindfolded)

-QR codes: visualead let’s you put a picture behind the QR code: link the QR code to a hunt of some sort such as animals, culture quiz etc

-scavenger hunts: stuff a matchbox with as much as possible, find out the vocab, make a story using the words, find something in the room that begins with a letter, search for something of a particular colour gives pictures to make a word

-Huntzz app to get a treasure trail

-make a video to show prepositions using pupils

-get out of the classroom virtually: international links, webcams, websites and other authentic resources e.g. Newsmap

-use google maps: prevent a murder in France mystery, safeguard a spy

placespotting: create clues to find a specific place

-create a QR code tour of your school or local area


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