Amanda Salt Triptico #ililc3

Word magnets – place words into categories

Order sorter – sentence ordering to put things in order e.g. dialogue, order of importance

Hexagons for linking (SOLO) using Think/Link

Countdown clocks and timers

Student Group – can remove absent pupils, then create groups. Orders them in groups after and can take a screen shot of the groupings to save.

Flip selector – selects pupils’ names and flips a page over and over to select it. Could use to give pupils a question or topic to talk about. Good idea to use for the unpredictable CA speaking question.

Pin board – a ball drops and selects how many points you can win. You could use to have different categories and pupils have to speak about whatever category the ball drops into.
Image spinner – selects images from a shape-spinner.

Text spinner – have different texts under each part of the spinner to encourage speaking/ work.

Sliding scores – to collate team points. Can have varying numbers of groups.
Score tapper – create score boards for each team/class.

Find ten – find ten of something out of a group of 15 eg. Find the ten perfect tense verbs. Can leave feedback/extra question behind the squares.

Match Maker – pairs memory game.
Word mix – give three clues for a word at the bottom. Pupils can use a miniwhiteboard to say their answer. Idea: What could the shops be?

What’s the question – set teams, each circle is worth a different amount of points, write an answer and pupils give a question.

Bingo – choose some numbers, pick a card, an answer appears, if the pupil has that number, they cross it off their list.

I really can’t wait to try some of these! Thanks Amanda.


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