Top Twitter ideas

I am surrounded by amazingly innovative and generous people on twitter so I just wanted to write a quick blog post on recent ideas that have whizzed past me in the twittersphere but have given me food for thought or made me develop my own ideas:

1) SOLO taxonomy – using hexagons for pupils to piece together how they think the passé composé works
2) QR codes linking to revision and practice exercises on a topic or grammar in pupils’ books
3) moderating GCSE controlled assessment across the country by sharing a private folder and all moderating together (watch this space-I’ll be sorting this out this half term!)
4) I’ve tagged some new GCSE French revision sites over in my delicious account
5) wordreference games are now available on their site
6) get creative! I’ve been making chatterboxes with year 7 to encourage them to ask and answer simple questions and I love @valleseco’s paper men and paper houses!

I hope these titbits are as useful to you as they have been to me! And thanks to @blagona for the QR code idea.


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