Language Cheat Sheets

One of the best ideas I have come across this year, has been from my best friend and fellow MFL teacher, who creates Cheat Sheets for her classes. These are double sided, laminated vocabulary cards with key language. Her AS Level Spanish one is available to download on the TES here and for the A2 oral exam (to talk about a film such as Pan’s Labyrinth) is here.

Over the last few days I have taken her hard copy of a Spanish KS3/4 cheat sheet and re-created it electronically so I thought I would share it with you. I have also made one for French and you can also download these from the TES as I am now a content partner for them (LanguageResources).

You might like to print this out as large posters (A3 at least) or minimise them to A5 and laminate for pupils to use in the classroom. For A Level and GCSE pupils I might even give them their own copy.

I hope you find them useful.


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