MFL Musings

Having nearly reached the end of my first year at a new school I am taking the opportunity to reflect on it whilst considering what I want to look at next year.

My main aim of sorting out SoWs has been met on the whole, although a summer job is to amend them including various school initiatives such as 5Rs, thinking skills and ICT opportunities.

I am yet to observe every member of the department (just two more to go) but the new building has meant that I can see a lot more of what goes on in our learning house.

We have implemented a one year French GCSE in Year 9. Hopefully pupils will achieve well which will give us some leverage to develop the department more in the direction that we want in the future. Next year I will be taking a whole class by myself (6 x 100min lessons a fortnight) instead of the 2 a fortnight I took this year as I shared with another teacher. What a challenge!

Spanish is becoming a more embedded language in the school and we need to ensure an equal balance as the curriculum develops. Next year I look forwards to getting my Year 11s and 13s through the final exams and I am looking forwards to meeting Year 12 too.

Tomorrow and Wednesday we have taster days for Year 10 pupils so I will be delivering two sessions on what it is like to take A Level Spanish and I have developed a lesson around the song No Te Metas A Mi Facebook using a fab worksheet I found online to do a gap fill and vocabulary activity. The song is very catchy!

I’m looking forward to the end of term but I am also aware I need to work on my MA dissertation whilst I have a chance to plan it. I hope you all have a brilliant summer.


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