Follow Me Activity

I saw an activity today that worked really well, so I thought I’d share. The aim of the activity is to get through the list as quickly as possible. Each lesson the activity can be done and the group can aim to beat their time.

Each pupil gets a slip of paper with some vocabulary in English and some more vocabulary in TL. Pupil 1 says their TL bit of vocab. The whole class needs to listen and whoever has the correct translation says the English as quickly as they can. If they are right they then say the TL word/phrase on their card and whoever has the translation needs to call it out quickly, followed by their next English word and so the game goes on until the it ends up back at first person again.

A really good way to recap vocabulary and key phrases!


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  1. I’ve done this with Y5 and Y6 recently to practise big numbers. They had to listen for one number and then give theirs, which in turn someone else listened for. We timed it with the online stopwatch to see if they could beat their on time and that of the other class. Then we swapped cards so everyone had something different to listen for and say. You can make follow-me cards on Tarsia (it means follow-me when it says “dominoes”!)

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