Edmodo penpals

A virtual colleague contacted me on twitter last week to see if I would be interested in our pupils doing something with hers, like an exchange or being pen pals. I would love to build up to a physical exchange but for now we are just going to use a shared Edmodo group and have some online (controlled) conversations.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


Update: Our first conversation between students has begun! I have left them some rules so that they know what they are doing:


Hola a todos. Unas reglas para utilizar Edmodo:

1) Los estudiantes de St Marys solo pueden hablar en español
2) Los estudiantes de Nuestra Señora de Lourdes solo pueden hablar en inglés
3) Primero, hay que dejar un mensaje al grupo con unos detalles personales como tu nombre, tu edad, tus intereses etc.
4) NO está permitido dejar detalles muy personales como el número de teléfono o la dirección del correo electrónico
5) Todo contacto entre estudiantes tiene que hacer aquí en Edmodo

Hello everyone. Here are some rules for using Edmodo:

1) St Marys students may only speak in Spanish
2) Nuestra Señora de Lourdes students may only speak in English
3) First of all you have to leave a message for the group with some personal information such as your name, age interests etc.
4) You are NOT allowed to give out any personal details such as your phone number or email address
5) All contect between students must take place here on Edmodo


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  1. When I first heard of edmodo, this is exactly the sort of thing I wanted to set up. I haven’t actually used it much (created an account, will try incorporating it this year), but would love to hear how your students did with this – I think my students could really get on board with it.

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