Vocabulary tests

I was having a look at twitter this evening when a virtual colleague asked about any interesting ways of doing a vocabulary test for an observation. This got me thinking and I came up with the following ideas:

1) use a polling tool such as ActivVote to collate answers and to discuss any issues as a class.
2) ask pupil to test a partner on half of the word list and then swap to do other half, with peer assessment.
3) respond on mini whiteboards and hold up to see if correct.
4) in pairs or groups of 3/4, pupils are to come up with one answer that they have agreed between them is correct. The thinking and discussing process here is quite useful. If majority are right then you know they are ok, but if there are lts of mistakes across the class then you know its something to work on.
5) pupils do the test in the traditional way, and then peer assess, but rather than correcting each answer the marker just writes at the end of the test a positive comment and “you have x mistakes” and then they have to find their own mistakes.
6) gap fill spelling test
7) check if pupils remember the gender of the word by giving an extra mark for the article
8) spelling bee style activity

Do you have any more ideas to add?


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