Middle leadership conference

This weekend I was at a middle leadership conference with lots of middle leaders from different local schools.

I attended a few different sessions and I used my new school ipad (which I am using for an MFL project) to make some notes. They may not make much sense, but here they are anyway:

Middle Leaders Conference Notes:

Power Teaching Session

Team building-dont use word group
Set up teams and foster cooperation
Cooperation looks like and sounds like activity
Random reporter (post its with names and numbers)
Praise for communication-cheers, praise completion of an activity
Spreadsheet with names, seating, groups
Allow teams to name themselves
Accountability eg for doing task or completing homework
Stop one person from doing anything other than ask questions
Differentiate by not providing certain information for different groups (can use hw time to find more information?)

Outstanding Teaching & Learning Session

How to Encourage Outstanding T&L:
Model the behaviour
Supportive atmosphere
Give people the opportunity to develop
Use skills already available
Coaching and mentoring
Understanding your staff
Share good practice

Fill in a big shape with key elements
Use post it notes to develop idea then pick one to discuss

Try to see the positive in everything we do both with staff and pupils
Negativity breeds less creativity

Behaviour Session

Low level disruption
Brain theory:
1) flight or flight-reptilian brain
2) safe and secure-limbic system
3) learn-neocortex (cognitive)

Students and teachers go through these stages

Expectations and routines are key
Behaviour and achievement are linked- impact on T&L
Staff have to be accountable – empower and support
Strategies in place are important-consistency
What we want-ownership
Look at behaviour data, is this level standardised?
See behaviour checklist for teachers
Plan for behaviour
Parents’ role-triangle of trust


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