Graphic organisers

This evening I have been thinking about using graphic organisers in my mfl lessons and I came cross this link which made me think about how I can use KWL in my next A Level grammar lesson. K means ‘what I already know’, W is ‘what I want to know’ and L is ‘what I have learnt’. I wouldn’t normally use something like this in my MFL lessons but with an A Level grammar group who I have only been teaching since September it will be a handy way to find out what they already know at the start of the lesson and tick a few observation criteria at the same time.

I then carried on thinking about this forthcoming grammar lesson, where I want to revise and deepen pupils’ knowledge of the future tenses. In Spanish, the immediate future is very easy to make and the simple future is actually not that difficult either, particularly if you know how verbs work in Spanish, which A Level students tend to. Anyway, the more difficult concept with this tense is the irregular stems, which happen to be shared with the stems needed to make the conditional tense. So, why not use a venn diagram to focus on the shared an unique elements of these two tenses?

Have a look at these graphic organisers or ayudas gráficas and let’s consider how else graphic organisers can be used effectively in MFL. I quite like lotus diagrams to think through schemes of work or topics.


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