Cooperative Learning structures and 4Cs

My new school likes to use current research in education to inform it’s practice and today I had a full day of training on various areas. Firstly we looked at 21st century interdependent learners who are creative, connected, confident and cooperative (4Cs).

These for area allow the school to explore it’s religious ethos through being a caring community, to encourage the responsible use of technology and to support various teaching and learning strategies such as Kagan, which is one of the accelerated learning programs that my school subscribes to.

Interestingly, cooperative learning is something that is already very prevalent in my classroom, as it is very normal to do paired activities, either spoken or written. Cooperative learning structures tend to place students in groups of 4, with a specific mixture of abilities in the group and activities are done with a shoulder partner, a face partner or in 4s (or more if sharing information with more students). Activities include Timed Pair Share (a certain amount of time in pairs to answer a question), and Quiz Quiz Trade (two pupils ask each other a question from a card, if the don’t know the answer their partner share it with them, then they swap and do the same with a different partner). There are loads more so if you would like to read more there’s a nice scribd document available with further details.


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