Routines in the MFL Classroom

Today I have presented at the 2011 MFL Show & Tell at Cramlington Learning Village on routines in the languages classroom. I won’t take credit for the ideas that I have as most of them come from my PGCE course at St Martins (now the University of Cumbria). There are a massive amount of pedagogical reasons behind why we do routines in the classroom and it is really hard to explain them all in one post – I might try and do this another day – but for now, have a look at James Stubb’s blog which goes into excellent detail about a lot of the reasons as to why we do all of these things. James is also a St Martin’s trained teacher, and coming across his blog just this week really made me think back to my training and the reasons for uttering the target language that I (and the pupils) do in the classroom.

For now, here are the register routine powerpoints, the forfeits powerpoints and the homework slides that I use for both French and Spanish as part of some of my classroom routines.


register routine spanish With song


Deberes slide


Devoirs slide

register routine French 2

register routine French 1




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