I have been pretty quiet on here lately as I have been doing so much, which has culminated in being successful in applying for a Head of Modern Languages position at another school. I am very excited to have got the job and I am really looking forward to working with new colleagues in a new environment. I have been at my current school for nearly 5 years, and I begain there as an NQT. I have learnt so much in my time there, but it is definitely time to move on and to experience a new school.

My new school only teaches Spanish and French, both of which I teach, and they have recently replaced German with Spanish so are looking to really embed Spanish into the curriculum now. It has managed to work its way up to AS level, and next year will have the first A2 cohort. My aims will be to develop uptake of languages at A Level (and GCSE – I have to remember that it won’t be compulsary in my new job!) and to get used to how a state school works.

So much will be happening this summer that all lead to very positive change for me, both in my personal and professional life. Wish me luck in my last term and no doubt I will share my experiences of taking over a new role over the coming months.


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