iPhone 4: Useful iPhone and iPod Touch Apps

Last Thursday I was ready and waiting before the O2 shop opened at 8.02am, like many other gadget geeks out there. Unfortunately the store I went to only received 22 iPhones to sell that day, and I was no where near the front of the queue to get one, so I left and went to school. Later on in the day I rang O2 customer services and was able to get one sent out to me that very evening, ready for me to open up when I got home from school on Friday. I was very excited and lots of my pupils were excited for me too (although, strangely enough lots of my colleagues just thought I was mad……)!

One of the first things I did was to connect the phone to my home wi-fi and started to add some apps. There are some brilliant applications out there for day-to-day life (shopping: Argos, Amazon, e-Bay, PayPal, Red Laser etc), games, communication and the like, but where this little machine can really come into its own is with education. There are many apps on there that will make your life easier (and I am not talking about the ‘add your ingredients and shake’ app), but many others such as Edmodo, online dictionaries, cultural apps and news items.

Isabelle Jones has written three brilliant posts on some excellent apps, and after the MFL Flashmeeting 7 this evening an iPhone for (MFL) teachers Wikispace has been created. Feel free to have a look and add anything that we haven’t thought of!


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