Teach Meet Blackpool

Last Wednesday, I visited Hawside Primary School to attend Teach Meet Blackpool, along with quite a lot of other local teachers from a variety of primary and secondary schools, and many other visitors who came from further afield.

Throughout the evening we talked about Purple Mash, eBooks, blogtheworldcup.net, Vokis, using PowerPoint to create stop frame animations, music, using CoverItLive to hold a lesson, Flip Cameras, Story Bird, Wordle, Poisson Rouge, Primary Pad, Inanimate Alice, and many many more!

Have a look at the tmbpool wiki space to see who did what and it has all been recorded as well, for your plaesure. Have a look at the U-Stream channel to see what we got up to.

PS. You get a point if you can figure out what I presented on, WITHOUT looking at the video ­čÖé

PPS. This was the ipad I was given to make notes on whilst I was there


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