ReTweeting – is it useful?

I regularly tweet (or re-tweet) messages that I think will be useful to my PLN. A retweet is when you re-send what another twitterer has already tweeted out (either because you find it interesting, funny or otherwise). I also enjoy tweeting out links to articles that I have read as I enjoy catching up with the news on my phone. I will never forget a colleague who, on the coach to German on a school trip, asked me how I could be texting so much. She looked suitably baffled (and impressed) when I explained that I was actually reading the news!

Anyway, this morning I was reading the Guardian using the application Snaptu on my BlackBerry Storm and I came across a very interesting article called Making the grade: can you learn to be a better teacher? by Ian Tucker (which I retweeted) who mentions a book called Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lamov. The article makes interesting observations of the difference between American and British styles of teachin, and the book seems to have 49 tried and tested techniques to improve teaching and learning. I have just bought this book online, so will tell you more about it once I have read it. For now, this is what my fellow twitterati have to say about the article:


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