TeachMeet Blackpool 2010

On June 16th you could take part in TeachMeet Blackpool! It is going to be held at Hawside Primary School in Blackpool and starts at the reasonable time of 4.30pm. What is TeachMeet? Watch this video to find out more….

If you are interested in coming along – either in person or virtually! – then sign up on the TeachMeet wiki and add your name to the list or presenters, lurkers or Flashmeet attendees.

This is what is there so far:
Seven Minute Micro Presentations
1. Making and Eating Purple Mash (@simonhaughton)
2. Using E-Books to support learning, motivation and collaboration with parents (@colport)
3. Collaboration within the classroom and with the wider world (@janwebb21)
4. Communing with comedians (Twitter in Y1) Bill Lord (@Joga5)

Two Minute Nano Presentations
1. ICT Club Activities (@simonhaughton)
2. Something. Don’t know yet. (@primarypete_)

I have also put an event on the NW MFL Teachers Ning where you can also sign up to say you are attending.


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