Using Twitter in Lessons – Part 2

So, this week I did my lesson that used twitter, and I pleased to say that I received glowing feedback.

I began the lesson with a recap of the language seen last lesson, and pupils had to decide if the possible weekend activities were used with the verb ‘to do’ or ‘to play’, before guessing what we were going to do that lesson, and then completing a reading comprehension on my twitter friends’ free time activities. My class not only really rose to the challenge that I gave them at trying to figure out language they did not yet know, but they also spoke in Frenchvirtually all of the time, and really allowed me to ‘show off’ the way in which I was trained to teach  with pupils using the target language throughout the entire lesson, remembering to give reasons for why they should be a volunteer, and reminding each other of  correct adjectival agreements. The technique of using mimes to help their language skills was also remarked upon, as it seemed a very effective way to keep all learners engaged, especially kinesthetic ones. This is just another example of the excellent way in which we were trained to teach languages, and I almost forget that I have developed an effective repertoire of mimes and expressions to represent a variety of words, in both Spanish and French. Some of these are the same in both language, some focus on the sounds produced by the word (especially in French), other times I play on the sound of the word (my mime for ‘avec’ in French is my hands coming together, miming praying, to aid the first sound in ‘a-vec’).

If I were to do this lesson again, I would ensure that my worksheets were clearer (I noticed a few minutes before the lesson began that the Twitter print-screen images came up very badly as the original was printed in a light colour) and I tweaked my PowerPoint one or two times before the lesson as well. It was also suggested that I moved a few things away from the bottom of the screen, as it may be that a pupil seated at the back of the room would find it difficult to see anything written towards the bottom.


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