Using Twitter in Lesson

Next week I will be observed by some people from my school’s group with the focus being on the use of ICT in the classroom. I expect the observers will probably expect us to use the IWB occasionally, making use of the Promethean software, ActivStudio, and anything else that we can.

The lesson will be with a Year 7 French class that I, unfortunately, only see once a week as I share them with another teacher due to timetable restrictions. We are currently studying the topic of free time, and the question the group learnt today was “Qu’est-ceque tu aimes faire?” with a focus on answers including “J’aime jouer…” and “J’aime faire…”.

I have spent this evening devising an appropriate lesson for next week that not only hits all the linguistic needs of the group, but also the ICT needs of the observer. I am not using ICT ‘for the sake of using it’, I have simply thought a little bit harder about a topic that I have previously taught a few times and considered how I could enhance the pupils’ learning with ICT. In the end, I decided that really seeing language in action would show an area of ICT off that is still considered to be relatively new, so I took an idea that I have seen floating around (eg. @amandasalt‘s Healthy Living flipchart and tweets) and took the plunge to ask my Twitter PLN “Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faire le weekend?” (What do you like to do at the weekend). Many of my (fabulous) PLN replied and I chose the ones that I thought my pupils would understand the most (plus one or two to stretch the able) and created the following worksheet and accompanying PowerPoint, which I will be using in our next lesson. I’ll let you know how it goes next week!

Cherche quelqui Twitter doc

Qu’est-ce que tu aimes faires ppt

PS. The rest of the PowerPoint is the next stage of the lesson, where we develop the vocabulary seen in the comprehension, work on changing the opinion verbs and then saying why something is liked or not.


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