Blogging from my BlackBerry

Don’t you just love technology? I am writing this (mini)post from the comfort of my lounge and the keypad of my BlackBerry Storm because I had the desire to share with you something I recently read, written by James Burch, who is a MFL PGCE tutor and Secondary coordinator at the University of Cumbria and my professional idol.
James is always full of exciting and innovative ideas and I will never forget seeing him throw marshmallows into a bowl to try to help us understand a concept (I think it was to do with learning and retaining information). He regularly encouraged us to think outside the box and once even took us on a journey with the verb Vouloir.
Now, vouloir is a very special verb and so, we considered its journey throughout the classroom as it made its way into pupils’ vocabulary. Last night I stumbled across a similar idea by James, this time about the verb Mogeln in German and its journey through a Year 8 lesson. Reading James’ article made me remember that grammar can be exploited in a fun and interactive way, and in the midst of GCSE and exam panic I must not forget about my excellent Year 8 group who I would like to push quite far in terms of the target language they can use. Over the half term break I want to think about the classroom and pupil language I wish to develop and I will write about my experience here. For now, I will focus on encouraging the target language they know so far and I will keep one ear open in lesson to pick up on what they want to say and I will get my head around the linguistic ladder we will climb together.


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