Monday 25th January – MFL Flashmeeting #5

This evening I found myself sharing ideas and good practice with teachers from all over the UK, plus one or two from even further afield, such as New Zealand and America.

The meeting’s agenda included discussions on new technology that Santa brought us for Christmas, discussing our New Year’s resolutions with regards to using ICT to enhance language lessons, tips and tricks to help Year 11 with their speaking skills, ways to use collaborative tools such as vokis, wallwisher and voicethread safely in the classroom, and even how to turn your whiteboard into what looks like a Wii, with the use of a Wii Remote and an infrared sensor bar.

You can catch a replay of the meeting here. Enjoy!

I will (eventually) write a post about the Chinese course I have begun, and I have two idea in the back of my head for use in the classroom – the first being to use twitter to receive real-time responses to a target language question, and the second is to use voicethread to practice an AQA oral exam stimulus card for AS and A2 Spanish. Watch this space for an update soon.


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