Flip Video Cameras

Resolution number 1) to use a new tool.

Having recently acquired two Flip video cameras I need to focus on some further use for them. I will elaborate on this over the coming weeks, but for now all I have used them for is to record snippets of our trip to Germany in December to creat a 10 minute video of the trip (which I cannot publish online due to child protection issues). I have also had 6 pupils record each other’s speaking presentations in prepartion for their mock oral examinations last term, but I would like to develop further ideas. To start, here is a very useful presentation by @tombarrett on 42 Interesting Ways to use your Pocket Video Camera in the  Classroom.



  1. thanks for this Sam. i too have 2 new cameras which have been exciting to use BUT!! – the cameras are super but my system at school is antique and therefore will not replay the vids properly, which defeats the whole object. So I currently have 9 classes videoed on my Flip cameras and am trying to learn how to use moviemaker to download them so that the school system can cope with them. This is our whole departmental Francovision effort of November and I still haven’t managed to deal with it GRRRRRRRR!!!
    I can’;t get the Flip editing stuff to load on to my new super-duper Compaq mini. So I may persevere with the Moviemaker idea – just trying to find a moment. Anyone have some words of comfort?
    Wish me luck!!
    Valerie – @froggyval

    • Oh no Valerie, how annoying for you! When I tried to use school computers I didn’t find it particularly easy as it would not let me use the Flip software which automatically opens everything when I use them at home. In fact, on Saturday when I was making the video, a newer version of it was available and it is installed on my computer now – it is called Flip Share and automatically asked to download it as it was the latest version available. Maybe search for that and see if it works better on you Compaq mini?


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