2010 – What will this year hold?

Happy new year everyone!

I am really looking forward to this year as I know it will hold interesting things for me, professionally. Having now had a term of being HoD I do feel as though I am stronger in my position as a leader, however, I do also think that I am currently more of a manager. What is the difference between a leader and a manager? Surely they do the same thing?

For me, being a manager is ensuring that the correct things are done at the correct time, and making sure that everyone knows what they are doing. Being a leader is doing all of these things plus being able to inspire the department in a variety of ways. For me, inevitably, the area I fell that I ‘inspire’ the most in is the use of ICT in MFL (see my recent guest blog post for José Picardo‘s blog), however, not everyone is in the position to be able to make huge strides all the time in this area – there can be a variety of hindrances such as money or availability of resources, or, for some, desire.

When I began writing my post for José I very suddenly became conscious that a lot of what I do with ICT in the classroom is actually what I do. I have tried a few things in the classroom that pupils do, however, I realised that a lot of my ideas are exactly that. Just ideas. Take the very popular blog post on Wordle where I have come up with a variety of uses for it in MFL – do I make use of this tool in the classroom? Well, yes, a little bit, but not enough! I need to start taking my own advice which leads me to the purpose of today’s blog. I am going to set myself a few new year’s resolutions (aka targets) which I will reflect on in a few months time, before re-assessing and deciding what my next steps will be.

My resolutions this year are:

  1. put in to practise at least one new ICT orientated tool/task a week, and blog about it.
  2. use Edmodo more with Year 10.
  3. learn Chinese (I am starting a 10 week course next week!) and blog about it.
  4. lead the department rather than just manage it – encourage and develop the use of websites/technology/IWBs/ActivExpression handsets etc, visit other UCST/ULT MFL departments and learn from them.

I realise that my last resolution is a bit wishy-washy still , so I would like to give myself some more specific ways in which to do this (and it doesn’t have to be ICT related). Any ideas guys?


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