Audio in the MFL classroom

Having written about the need for a languages lab in my last post, and contemplating the necessity of one on twitter,  local primary school colleagues tweeted that they had found a way to help me around the issue:

So, having had a look at the “23 Interesting Ways (and Tips) to use audio in the classroom, I thought that you might like to take a look too, so I have added the slideshare below:

What do you think? Does this go far enough toward enabling us as MFL teachers?

We already use lots of audio in the classroom, so some of these ideas sat very comfortably with me. For example, I have used musical countdowns and music to encourage an activity or calm one down since I began teaching. I have also used tunes that pupils already know but with new lyrics, in order to learn vocabulary. (Have a look at the Register Routine song or the Lateness Routine song here, or the Daily Routine Song here). I have also set words to a beat in order to help the children remember them, and tap the beat back at them in order for them to remember a word. Creating their own audio is something that can be very fulfilling in an MFL Classroom too – Audacity is a great (free) tool to record voice, and as Joe Dale demonstrated recently at MFL Show and Tell, SongSmith is also another great tool.

I guess I am still trying to find an answer to the question in my previous post. Do we really need a languages laboratory? I still think the answer is yes…….What about you?


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