Why learning Spanish is better than chocolate

10 reasons why Spanish is better than Chocolate

(Feel free to replace the word Spanish with French/German/Italian etc.)

1)     Speaking Spanish won’t make you gain weight.

2)     Spanish doesn’t melt in your mouth or in your hands.

3)     Spanish isn’t bad for your teeth.

4)     You never run out of Spanish.

5)     You can speak Spanish before, during and after meals.

6)     Too much Spanish won’t make you sick.

7)     Spanish is free.

8)     You don’t need to hide Spanish from anyone.

9)     Spanish won’t make you hyperactive.

10)   Sharing Spanish is better than speaking it alone.

Adapted from a resource found on the TES website submitted by ‘noemie’  http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6021073



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