A Round Up


I have finally uploaded the new version of the www.languagesresources.co.uk website, but still have a fair few bugs to work out. Luckily the original version of the site can still be accessed through each languages’ home page. So far, Spanish has been uploaded (bar A Level and one or two smaller topics) and I have been able to find out what is working and what isn’t.

As I have a very small amount of knowledge with regards to how to use Dreamweaver it is often a stumble in the dark and a trawl through Google to figure out how to do things, but I have the general pages up and now it is just a question of adding resources. I plan to upload the remaining resources over the summer holidays, and then I can start working on the new games pages and develop pupil orientated language games for each topic as I teach it at school. I plan to use free software such as hot potatoes and languagesonline Australia. I know the type of things I would like to develop for my pupils, but if you have any requests or ideas let me know via the comment facility on this blog.


Over the last few weeks I have written out my 4 year overview for Spanish (Year 8 – 11), with a focus on the new AQA GCSE. On the same wiki I have a page with useful web 2.0 tools for the MFL classroom which is slowly being added to. The aim of the wiki is to develop a selection of useful tools specifically aimed at MFL, and I will then incorporate them into the curriculum for Spanish, only using them if they have a relevant and focused aim. I look forward to more people collaborating with me on this project.


As usual, my twitter PLN have been an excellent source of information. Top Tips from Twitter this last week (or so) are:

  1. Fickr Image sharing -for example the Images to teach languages group. Blog post on this by @aliceayel here.
  2. Wallwisher.com to share ideas on a wall
  3. Using Prezi instead of powerpoint in the classroom
  4. Finding primary languages websites to help with the construction of the KS2 Curriculum for next year – useful links are on my delicious account
  5. Wordsift – similar to Wordle, but with a slightly different focus…..

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