Twitter #MFL #2


 Having now firmly signed up to the tweeting life, I am slowly beginning to learn more and more about what Twitter can offer. I have realised that unless I go on it every few hours, or at least once a day, it becomes almost useless as I will have missed a lot of information. In one way this worries me as I cannot spend all day on Twitter, and I cannot access it from a school computer. I can, however, check my updates via TwitterBerry and do so, if I have a spare minute or two, about once a day. On the other hand, most of the people I follow are in the same position as me and most tweets seem to come after 4pm, so in a sense I don’t miss out on too much.

Earlier in the week I watched the flashmeeting, organised by Joe Dale and other MFL teachers on Twitter. I would have been there myself if I hadn’t been watching the wonderful Derren Brown at the Blackpool Opera House, however, once I got home I was able to watch the meeting and I listened with interest to the things that were discussed. Some of the things that I clearly remember and wish to do more on myself include Wordle, Glogster and Animoto .

 I am also in the process of understanding what the enigmatic # symbol means in Twitter.# (also known as the hash tag) is placed directly before a key word by someone sending a tweet, which makes it easier to search for popular topics. Unfortunately, in the search for #MFL I came upon a whole load of weather and sea watch information but still…the intention is there. The updated website page of now also has a search facility in the sidebar which could reduce the need for the hash tag, although I don’t tend to go directly to, I prefer to use my TweetDeck.

Other useful tweets I have come across this week include:

  1.  José Picardo’s MA dissertation on Vokis & Blogs in Education
  2. A link to a video on thinking skills in MFL (something I think I have been doing anyway, but something I am interested in developing)
  3. Using TL music in the classroom at the beginning or end of a lesson for cultural awareness (I also have a Year 12 form who are all linguists, so it is fun to play them Girls Aloud singing in French!)
  4. More blogs from other interesting educationalists – see the blogroll to the side of the page. I will update this every time I come across a new one that I wish to share.
  5. Finally, I have found out more about Wiki’s after having signed up for the flashmeet via Lynne Horne’s wiki page. Something I need to look into further though!

Talking of blogs, I now have my own International EduBloggers Directoy badge! Proud member no. 692. I just have to figure out how to put the badge on my blog……any ideas anyone?


Internation EduBloggers Directory

Internation EduBloggers Directory


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  1. Hi Sam,

    I suggest you go to Twitter Search, put in a username, copy the RSS feed generated and paste that into Google Reader. Then repeat as necessary.

    That way all the tweets of your core group will appear in the same place along with any replies to these people which will allow you to increase your network and not miss out on anything.

    Hope that helps.

    Best wishes


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